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Kadans Community

Who are we?

Kadans is a community for cyclists with a love for cycling & passion for cycling.

We do Social Rides from 55 to 85 km where experience, safety and networking are central. We adhere to the principle “together, together at home”.

The rides are guided by our road captains with excellent knowledge of the area. They guide you to the most beautiful places every week.

Everyone's welcome!

Café Coureur, the place where the race is king & the cyclist is emperor. And we also include that Kadans literally! Both men and women, starting or trained cyclist, together we have the same goal: fun on and off the bike!
Free participation: as a member you take part in the rides as often as you want.

  • Group 1 has a target speed of 31+ GDPR
  • Group 2 aims for an average speed of 27-30 GDPR
  • Group 3 enjoy themselves at a target speed of 24-26 GDPR

Do you also wanna guide a group? Report to the leaders!
Depending on the evolution of the community, additional groups can be formed. 

Kadans Program Café Coureur


We are also proud ambassadors of Café Coureur outside the Belgium borders!

Pieter van Schelvergem

Start 2021

From Saturday, March 27 shall Café Coureur take away provided on both weekend days 10am to 16pm. CC Kadans will respond to this again, for the members: Follow the communication. Newcomers can obtain more information from Michael and / or Ruben.


Departure and arrival is always at Cafe Coureur. We gather a little earlier to enjoy a cup together Il Magistrale.

To make it as accessible as possible, also for who's running late, we ride XNUMX fixed routes. On special occasions we ride a different route, of course you get notified ahead. Click on the route to open and download it! 

When the nights get longer and the days get shorter, we switch to a fixed route on Thursday that we complete twice!

How does this work now?

Thursday 1 will be held on the first Thursday of the month. This is also the case for Saturday and Sunday.
Counts the month 4 Thursdays, then “Thursday 5” will not be held, and we will start all over again. This also applies to the Saturday and Sunday rides.

As long as the current Covid-19 measures in force, we adhere to this format. As soon as we can get back on the road with more, and make measures more flexible, in consultation with our regular supervisors, the fixed format will make way for a few particularly beautiful rides.

Exclusive CC Kadans Resident Lounge

Café Coureur invests; and not only in a second location in Houffalize ;-).
At the back Café Coureur there will be one extension of the current terrace. A nicely decorated seating area specifically for the #cckadans members!
A sitting area, where you can enjoy a drink under a bright sun that can be picked up at a special for you furnished bar counter. As reported to 10% discount per drink.

The bar will always be open when you return from the ride until closing time, would you like something to drink before the ride? Then this is possible at the indoor counter at the same discount rate!

Kadans benefits Café Coureur


  • Participation in approx 140 #socialrides
  • CC Kadansclothing at group discount, 3 order moments per year:
    • January: spring clothes
    • April: summer clothes
    • July: winter clothing
  • Exclusive CC Kadans summer lounge
  • 10% discount on drinks, driver's food and finger food, before and after the ride
  • 10% on Café Coureur merchandising
  • 10% on Café Coureur events
  • 10% on Café Coureur cycling holidays
  • 20% on Kask helmets
  • 15% on 6D sports nutrition
  • 10% on Probikecare bicycle coating
  • New members: zomer jersey Bioracer

How to join our community?


Since many of you are already insured, individually or through a club, we do not provide insurance throughout our membership.
If you don't have insurance, we encourage you to take an insurance with Cycling Vlaanderen. With Cycle Club Kadans as your club. In that way you're insured for only € 28 and you also enjoy numerous benefits.

I discovered the pleasure of cycling at CC Kadans, and the motivation found in the community! Thanks

Valerie Jenaer

All round & ambitious!

After years of following cycling, I decided to start riding myself in early 2020. At Kadans I was surrounded by a group of people that motivated me week after week. From hanging on in the beginning, to taking te lead in October. Awesome!

Gunther Cremers

Started cycling in 2020.

The leaders

Michael Velkeneers Kadans

Michael Velkeneers

Ex-motocross racer, achieved many victories and strong finishes at an European level. Despite his drive and willpower, heavy fractures and operations kept him from his big breakthrough. Now he spends his free time on a bicycle, alternating with running.
+32 4 74 95 36 42

Ruben Putzeys Kadans

Ruben Putzeys

Former cyclist & still active in the cycling world, stopped cycling in 2011. Currently Ruben is a Cycling Assistant and guides children taking their first steps in cycling within the Flemish Cycling School at Circuit Zolder, where ex-yellow jersey at the Tour de France Marc Wauters is his superior. He is also a mechanic at Lotto-Soudal & self-employed in a secondary occupation.
+32 4 94 78 17 95


Di - So
08:00 am to 23:30 pm

Closed on Mondays

Café Coureur


Oorsprongstraat 5
3840 Kerniel, Belgium
+32 12 49 23 23

Province of Limburg
The cycling spot where cycling is king and the cyclist emperor!