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Lumberjack Gravel Ride

Winter Edition

How do I get there and where to park?                                                      

Travel on time so that you have enough time for parking, registration and a cup of steaming coffee.

Parking Blotevoetenpad or Sportcomplex Zutendaal: add address + map


Come to the Lumberjack with friends and enjoy a nice stay in our hotel 

You can spend the night and have breakfast in the hotel Café Coureur Deposit wage

€ 65 per person in a double room (surcharge € 30 for one person in a double room)

€ 50 per person in an eight room

Sign Up

All ticket holders will receive a personal email approximately 1 week before the event with all practical information about the event.

    Opening hours registration booth

    • 120 km: from 7:30 am
    • 60 km: from 9:00 am

    Leave in installments

    The corona protocol does not allow a group start this year. We will therefore divide you into time slots. These will be communicated to you in the email that you will receive the week in advance. Should changes need to be made, this can be submitted to the organization via


    Changing rooms and showers are normally available within the adjacent accommodation of the Zutendaal VV football club. However, we are closely following the evolution of the corona measures and will inform you whether the Covid-19 protocol allows the use of showers this edition

    Technical assistance

    Just like last year, bicycle shop Dexters Sport from Oudsbergen provides technical assistance to the supply point at the Dornerheide in Dorne-Maaseik. This consists of standard breakdown assistance such as replacing brake pads, adjusting gears, replacing spokes, giving chain oil, ... We also provide mobile collection, although this is not always easy.

    We advise participants to have their bicycle thoroughly inspected by their bicycle dealer before participating in the Lumberjack.

    Spray mode

    After the enthusiastic reactions regarding the spraying infrastructure, this year we are calling on the same installation where 6 bicycles can be cleaned at the same time.


    Saturday December 26:

    The participants in the 60 km enjoy one supply at the address Dornerheide in Dorne-Maaseik. The participants in the 120 km enjoy two supplies at the same location.

    Sunday December 27:

    The participants in the 60 km enjoy one supply at the address Dornerheide in Dorne-Maaseik. The participants in the 120 km enjoy 3 supplies: one at the Dornerheide, a second at the departure and arrival place in Zutendaal and a third at Café Coureur Deposit wage.

    A ticket includes

    • Routes
    • goodie bag
    • Steaming cup of coffee at the start
    • 60 km: one supply
    • 120 km: Two / three supplies
    • Technical assistance
    • Spray mode
    • If allowed: shower option
    • At the finish: Jägermeister, Kwaremont and Hamburger
    • After the finish: Corona-proof entertainment
    • Quality photos and videos afterwards


    Di - So
    08:00 am to 23:30 pm

    Closed on Mondays

    Café Coureur


    Oorsprongstraat 5
    3840 Kerniel, Belgium
    +32 12 49 23 23

    Province of Limburg
    The cycling spot where cycling is king and the cyclist emperor!