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Lumberjack Gravel Rides

Ridings through the forests

After the success of our past three Lumberkack winter editions in Zutendaal and the first summer edition in Kerniel, we are continuing on this path. Moreover, we keep adding new elements to these gravel rides that enhance the experience even further. After all, experience is in the DNA of Café Coureur.

Winter Edition

December 26 and 27, 2021

A gravel ride of XNUMX or XNUMX kilometers between Christmas and New Year, not one day, but two days. Just like they cut the wood in Canada, that's how you contest the most beautiful gravel paths of Limburg ...

Summer edition

July 24 and 25, 2021

In the middle of summer, Café Coureur as your starting line & our panoramic terrace to hang out after the ride. 75, 150 or 300km for the real gravel grinders. Of course with a tailor-made ravito.














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September 22 - March 20

Thursday Friday
17:00 pm to 23:00 pm
Saturday Sunday
08:00 pm to 23:00 pm

March 21 - September 21

Tuesday - Sunday
08:00 pm to 23:00 pm

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