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Where cycling is king and the cyclist emperor!

Café Coureur has no business managers, but véloromantisers. A fundamental detail that forms the basis of our DNA.

Team Café Coureur Véloromantizer


(the; m, v; plural: véloromantiseurs)
person who romanticizes the bicycle (and by extension the race);
a bicycle ambassador;
with love for the craft (cycling) in particular.


Experience cycling to the fullest.
This mission is woven into our slogan"Café Coureur, where the race is king and the cyclist emperor ”.


Véloromantise every cyclist and bicycle aficionado in the world throug unconventional paths. Special attention is paid to the strength of the community.

The (total) concept of Café Coureur is based on 5 pillars: overnight tourism, cycling trips to our regions, cycling events (both for individuals and companies) and (online) merchandising. The pillars have one common denominator: the cycling community. The fifth pillar, the cycling café, is the mayonnaise that connects them all. Essential are our locations where all these activities can be held under one roof, whether or not reinforced with other (bicycle-related) concepts from fellow entrepreneurs.

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Our goal is to provide a maximum (cycling) experience and take care for the (cycling) customer as much as possible. . This is only possible thanks to a total concept / master plan where details matter. The storytelling, look & feel,… will be the same within each pillar, so that they einforce each other.

Café Coureur international


Café Coureur wants to be the local reference. But we also aim at an international audience, including from new cycling countries such as Australia, UK,… We offer them tailor-made trips based on our cycling hotels in Borgloon or Houffalize. It is our belief that these regions are the mecca of the bicycle, both for racing and MTB, for both the occasional and the trained cyclist. By the way, the race is ours, so Belgian… So leave the organization of cycling holidays and cycling events to us. Authentically Belgian, with meticulous knowledge of our region… and always a must to experience.

Love for the bicycle

We also want to be strongly involved with Café Coureur in bicycle-related initiatives, co-creations and policy decisions. Always based on the love for the bicycle and the region. In the first place Limburg, but we also want wave the Belgian flag. The place where cycling was invented.

Finally, one of our goals is to map (the non-trodden) cycling routes for every type of cyclist (track, gravel, MTB, etc.). Given the lack of tailor-made routes with attention to content / storytelling, this is a void that Café Coureur only too happy to fill up.

Lumberjack Love for the bicycle Café Coureur
The cycling spot where cycling is king and the cyclist emperor!


Di - So
08:00 am to 23:30 pm

Closed on Mondays

Café Coureur


Oorsprongstraat 5
3840 Kerniel, Belgium
+32 12 49 23 23

Province of Limburg
The cycling spot where cycling is king and the cyclist emperor!