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A new week, a new ride to discover with Café Coureur. In order to offer you the best cycling experience when the Corona measures allow it, we are working hard to get the most out of our rides. This time it was the turn of a gravel ride, “Gravelride fruitstreek-2” more specifically. 

The weather played its part

We were able to start our ride under a bright sun. Not that we managed to keep it dry on the way this time. The rain had already done more than its job in recent days, so that many gravel strips had a nice layer of mud. Fortunately, we are not afraid of a little mud, which incidentally provided a nice extra to this ride in the technical field. 

Fantastic setting

Not that it was necessary! Right from the start we literally cycle from one strip to the other, which in terms of view always seemed more beautiful than the previous one. It was really enjoyable! Even the most steep and muddy climbs couldn't change our mind. After all, we once became an (amateur) driver for such rides!

In short, whether you are looking for a spicy gravel ride or just want to enjoy the bike, with this ride you will bring out the best in yourself and ride 58 Km with a smile on your face! 

A must ride for the gravel / off-road enthusiast !!  


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March 27 - end of corona measures

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