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Unfortunately! Due the extended Corona measures we will not be able to see you again until (at least) March. We miss you so much, but even now we at Café Coureur don't give up. With the thought “How can we still provide our cycling community with that unique Café Coureur experience ”we soon came to the conclusion. A new ride! A ride that will challenge you , a ride with inspiring landscapes, in short, a real Café Coureur ride.

The new ride

Soon we came up with the idea to take a ride that ran from Café Coureur from cycling through the water, to cycling in the trees. After all, these are some beautiful tourist attractions that everyone wants to see. We were therefore very enthusiastic to test this ride ourselves first, but it soon became clear that cycling through the water or the trees would not be the only strengths of this ride. Every time we just barely hit the street Café Coureur driving out we are still amazed by the splendor of the region. The beautiful hilly landscape that at the start mainly descends, at least to the famous one Tie cable bridge. But let's be honest, in exchange for such a beautiful view from the bridge, those few vertical meters are hardly an obstacle.

Cycling through the water

Once we had left the hills behind us, the road continued through the beautiful green and forest landscape, after which we immediately set course towards the first highlight of the day. Cycling through the water! Unfortunately for us it was a cold gray day, where the sun did not do justice to this location. We were only 25 kilometers away, but there was already a small feeling of satisfaction to reach this first pillar of our ride. However, there was no time to stop, as you probably know the racing legs always want to keep turning!

Once passed cycling through the water we definitely had the “hill zone” of this ride behind us, as we had a smooth pedal to our next stop.

Stopping place “Ter Dolen”

We set course on undulating cycle paths and through wooded areas to the stop at (hopefully opening soon) “Ter Dolen”. Unfortunately no rest or beer for us, but a gel and a (then) filled bottle of water on the bike. After all, it was also a cold day, so without hesitation the speed was maintained during our little “lunch break”. After all, we were only 40km away and there were so many beautiful things waiting for us. At times it even became surreal to realize how Manny Km we could do without crossing a house. The feeling of space, the feeling of freedom that you can experience with your bicycle was once again highlighted during this ride.

Cycling through the trees

Before we knew it, we had arrived at the literal but above all figurative highlight of the day “Cycling through the trees” (the farthest point of our ride). First we tried the spiral that lead us to the top of the trees, from where we could start our way back to Café Coureur.

Also on the way back it became clear how many hidden gems of streets our province is rich. Our road continued on well passable roads and cycle paths. Our passages along the chapel chapel, the platwijers, the lavedel farm and of course the cobblestones of Herkenrode were just as if not more breathtaking than all the locations we had experienced on our way there. It's only once again close to Café Coureur that at times the road threatens to turn up viciously again. The evening is unfortunately still early these days and the cold started to make its appearance again. So climbing a few short mountains was perhaps the ideal recipe to get the temperature back into our body.

After 5 hours of cycling we were back where the day had started so hopefully. But to be honest, what a fantastic day we had. When even the cold and a few raindrops couldn't spoil the fun, you know you've had great day!.

For those who want to test this ride themselves, you can find the GPX data below! Hopefully you can enjoy it as much as we did. And who knows, we might see each other on the way!


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